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Sessions & Programs - Short or Long Term, by design
  Relationship Renewal - Light on Water
Practical & Spiritual Sessions for couples, families, or business partners.
My joy is to assist others in deepening their ability to truly enjoy and celebrate those they love.   So often we can love another deeply, yet still feel clueless or thwarted with regard to how to interact with them successfully on an ongoing and practical basis.   I work with my clients to  help them bridge the gap in the personality's understanding.  To begin, we first tune into the wisdom of the soul, as it speaks through the universal language of the heart, then gently awaken and educate the personality in the art of listening, transmitting, and moving into deeper levels of communication through presence.   Often those who thought their only alternative was to end the relationship will find the relationship is able to be re-birthed so it becomes an instrument that plays the sweet music of love and celebration.
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  Personal Spiritual Alchemy - Reframing Perception
Individual Spiritual Coaching sessions.
One of my passions is helping others to reframe the people, situations, and events in their lives.   I assist them in moving from their core, empowered as the wounded healer and a spiritual initiate rather than a victim; to see all things as giving birth to the next; to embrace, integrate and utilize things they may have previously feared or felt they had to annihilate, and to find the magical blessing in every situation.   I work with the power and practice of presence, which is the great awakener and aligner.  What we can awaken to, embrace, embody, and express will bless us and the world around us.    Successful Life-Alchemy is not about changing the ingredients of our experience, but rather our relationship to them, and consequently their relationship to one-another.  As we move into mastery, the ingredients of our life experience combine differently.
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Annual Programs
Transformational Mentoring - A Crucible for Personal Metamorphosis
Extended Mentoring Program.
I work one-on-one with a small number of individuals each year guiding them through a deeply transformative process of personal alchemy - a process of energetic purification, release, death, rebirth, reclamation, regeneration, renewal.   Together we detect and gather the threads that will weave the sacred chrysalis, and which will serve as the crucible for their ultimate transfiguration.   This energetic womb space that we create will be held inviolate for a period of one year.  During this rich and fertile time the participant will move through a powerful and profound alchemical process of initiation and transmutation.   This process is not linear and moves through presence and essence.   There is a call and an answer that catalyzes the participant and an internal urging that recognizes if and when this process is correct for the individual.   There are not words sufficient to describe whatever lies beyond this.
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Notes About the Work
  Invisible Power / Visible Effects - Catalytic Communion
My best work is often invisible as it occurs, and it can often appear to the client or even those around them that the changes seem to have occurred spontaneously .... all of a sudden the client's life is better, their perceptions have been re-framed, and everything in their world operates differently in the new framework.    There is no magic formula.   The shift within creates the magic.   I become a catalyst, guide, and sacred guardian to help the client shift, and hold an energetic womb space as the transformation is taking place.   On the surface, visible to any on-looker, it can appear we are doing nothing special - or even nothing at all!   Yet, all the while, entire inner universes are being birthed and re-formed in the crucible of our work together.
Tools for Transformation -  Timeless Wisdom, Evolving Consciousness
When I work with a client, my entire storehouse of resources is at our disposal.   I've spent the past 30 years studying, learning, and researching, and practicing to become adept at the various healing and transformational modalities I've found.  My work draws upon all forms of timeless wisdom contained in a variety of systems - both ancient and modern.   I use many unique tools from different schools of thought and bodies of knowledge.   I work to meet my clients where they are and to draw from a deep pool of resources, and work within their existing spiritual framework to assist in revealing and bringing forth their inner wisdom, and to facilitate their self-empowerment. 
Embracing Polarities - Uniting Internal Resources
I help those who work with me identify and embrace the various aspects, archetypes, and stories alive within them at any given moment.   Together we undertake the process of introduction, peacemaking, re-assignment, and re-organization.   This begins to create a rich and vital resource, and a powerful and cohesive energy that begins to support and strengthen their life force, no longer tearing it down from within.
Other Services
  Business Technicalities - Support for Hardware, Software, & Online Services
Book by the Hour or Package of Hours:   Provide Yourself with Peace of Mind & Help with the Details
Another area where I love to assist others with is Computer Coaching as well as Smoothing the Logistics and Messy Details of Personal and Small Business computer setup  - hardware, software, or on-line services. set up and usage.   I can be your personal computer concierge.
  Health & Wellness - Research, Resources, & Referrals
Book by the Hour or Package of Hours:   Obtain Information and Resources to Support Your Health.
For many years I've done extensive research in numerous areas related to health and wellness.  I am happy to book a session to discuss your individual questions and needs and to share whatever resources I have access to which may be helpful to your particular situation.
My joy is to assist others in deepening their ability to truly enjoy and celebrate those they love.  One of my passions is helping others to reframe the people, situations, and events in their lives.  

If you are interested in Tai-Chi, Chi-Gung, or Meditation & Breathing Techniques, I can refer you to a powerful and very highly skilled practitioner and facilitator to work with you in these areas.

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